Program Information

Little People” Preschool  T-K & Kindergarten is fully licensed by the Department of Social Services.

We Open Year—Round. 

Our classrooms are divided by age groups:
“Caterpillars” class—2-3 years 
“Butterflies” class -3-4 years 
“Bumble Bee's” class - Pre-K & T-K -4-6 years
Hours:  8:00 am—5:50 pm  Monday to Friday
Flexible programs available:
Full Time:  5 days  8:00 am—5:50 pm (all classrooms)
4 Full Days M-Th
​ 5  Half Days—8:00 am—12:15 pm (all classrooms)

Preschool Curriculum

From reading and art to math and science, our preschoolers learn something about everything. With reading curriculum, preschoolers learn, understand and use a wide variety of new words. They learn to read and write and can identify sounds, spell. The math curriculum for preschool includes teaching the little ones to count, measure, identify and create patterns, use number and word symbols, and more. Probably the most fun of all subjects is the art and craft curriculum for preschoolers. Our well developed preschool curriculum will give them a strong foundation in a variety of subjects and prepare them for higher grades. 

Our Curriculum covers:

  • Language Development/Emergent Literacy
  • Mathematics 
  • Learning about the World/Science
  • Social & Emotional Development
  • Physical Health & Development
  • Music
  • Arts

Fun Extras:

We added more classes to enrich our daily curriculum

Soccer classes with "SoccerShots" (additional fee) www.soccershots.org

By partnering with JamaROO we added 2 classes of Music & Movement & Afternoon Yoga