We provide healthy and well-balanced meals FREE of charge that contain seasonal (Organic whenever is possible) fresh fruits and vegetables. 

​We do not provide prepackaged or processed foods or Juices.

Breakfast Cereals, Oatmeal, Oamlett, Pancakes.Fruits. 2% Milk
A.M.Snack: Fresh fruits and/ or vegetables.
2% Milk or Water
Lunch (always freshly made home-like soups)
Chicken Noodle; Russian style beef or chicken veg. soup-Borshch served with sour cream 
Chicken buckwheat soup...
P.M.Snack: Fruits or vegetable /Crackers
Mashed potatoes and grilled chicken Spaghetti with turkey meat balls. Mac & Cheese
​All meals are served with salad or cooked/raw vegetables.
2% Milk or Water